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Taekwonkido is an educational method founded by Me Rémi Mollet and Dr. Jean-Laurent Taddeï, synthesizing techniques from Karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Gumdo (sword), various Korean martial arts, and especially Kido. It emphasizes a natural use of the body. Practitioners of Taekwonkido are encouraged to channel their energy effectively. With a revamped technical program designed to be accessible to individuals of all ages, from young to veteran, and to both women and men, Taekwonkido primarily focuses on self-defense and traditional practice. It serves as an educational method that aims to empower individuals, helping them overcome life's obstacles and challenges, and facilitating their integration into society. Promoting the value of effort and the ability to surpass one's limits, Taekwonkido aims to build the practitioner's self-esteem and enhance their well-being while fostering respect for others and acceptance of authority.

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