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Welcome to Säbelzahntiger Zürich


On the mission of our Dojang

Our Mission

Our mission, centered around Taekwondo, is to inspire individuals to cultivate discipline, transforming them into resilient warriors both within and outside the training arena. This entails relentless pursuit of our objectives, unwavering commitment, and an unyielding spirit. In moments of defeat, we embrace the lessons and demonstrate resilience. When victorious, we remain humble, dedicating ourselves to even more rigorous training for new horizons. Life's motivation lies in its challenges, and nothing surpasses the satisfaction of conquering them through one's own steadfast efforts. At Säbelzahntiger Zürich, we deeply cherish this ethos of honor and perseverance.


Practice what is right despite your fear


Withstand and endure hardship and difficulties


Respect the other person and be courteous


Act in a righteous and fair manner 

Values of Korean Martial Arts :

Martial Arts Styles

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Invest in your well-being.
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